Airport Transportation – Four Ways To Get In And Out

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Doesn’t this always seem to be the case? Whenever I am in a hurry to get to the airport or come home from a lengthy trip, it seems like I can never get there and back as quickly as I’d like, no matter how hard I try. I travel quite a few times each year, and believe me, I try. But it seems as if there is always some new pitfall when considering airport transportation.

Previously, I was dedicated to the theory that driving myself and parking in the immense lot was the simplest method to get to my flight on time. Not so! Initially, I was faced with the prospect of driving through tons of traffic and then attempting to find a space in the huge parking lots. After fifteen minutes of looking, I found a space, one that was quite frankly too small for a compact car, much less my small crossover SUV. And then I wrestled my luggage from the vehicle and took a long hike to the terminal. Then, upon arriving home after being away for four days, I had to somehow locate the parking ticket that would allow me to pay and leave the lot. I only left after finding my vehicle in the huge parking structure, and once I tallied up my parking fees, I was also stunned by just how expensive it was to park – over $25.00 for a single day. Obviously, there must have been a better way.

Two months ago, I thought to try Plan Two. Since I work downtown, I walked to a nearby hotel and paid for the airport shuttle. That way, I could leave my vehicle in its parking place at work and ride in style. The experience wasn’t too bad. I must say that it was crowded, and my luggage was placed underneath ten or twelve other bags. Other than being fairly wrinkled, my clothes were okay when I arrived at my destination, and I used the hotel iron to take away the vagabond look.

The real problem came on my return trip. First, I had to wait for the shuttle to fill. And fill it did! It was crammed with people coming home from their business trips. Next, it was anything but a straight shot back to my area of downtown. In fact, I was the third to last stop and it took us almost two hours to reach my destination – my dark spot in the deserted downtown parking garage.

Time for Plan Three. This would be the winner; I could just feel it in my heart. I persuaded my teenage son to drive me to my destination in time for my flight and to subsequently pick me up when I came back home. Driving there was okay. I didn’t like his music, and he didn’t like mine. Of course, when it was time for him to pick me up, he forgot how long it would take to drive to the airport and was fifty-three minutes late.

Plan Four. Success at last. I don’t know why it took me so long to think of this. Wait, yes I do. I thought airport transportation services – which I equate with limousines in my mind – was for movie stars or the exclusively rich. Upon the advice of my boss, however, I booked a private car to pick me up from work and deliver me to the airline gate. Upon returning home, the driver was waiting for me in the baggage area, and we were able to leave immediately – after he helped me with my luggage. The cost was affordable, and even if my company would not allow me to claim it on my expense report, it would be tax deductible.

I was rested. I was on time. I was comfortable. And I was not wasting my time or money. I finally found the true secret to travel – get there in one piece with peace of mind by using airport transportation services.