Save Your Car’s Paint, Tires, and Water – Get Your Car Dry Cleaned!

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Getting your very own car is an accomplishment that is definitely worth being proud of. Unfortunately, owning a car could bring upon you some extra responsibilities that are essential for keeping your car in tip top shape and condition. One of the basic chores involve washing your car to keep it dust-free, but the real challenge lies in doing it in a manner that does not damage your car in the long run.

Most people use detergents to wash their car. Detergent can help you rid your car off dust and stains. However, keeping this up in the long run will not do you any good, since the detergent may wash away the protective layers of your car’s paint, causing the paint to fade and become more prone to scratches in the long run. This is when car dry cleaning steps in to save the day.

Car dry cleaning helps you save your car’s paint by completely eliminating the need to use detergent and water. This is done by using paint-friendly cleaning agents and liquids that are especially designed to not only get the car paint clean and shiny but also work to prolong the car’s paint job as long as possible.

This is made possible because car dry cleaning products contain a wax layer to protect the car’s paint and to make sure it doesn’t get scratched in any possible way. All you have to do is apply the liquid on the car’s body, and then wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth. Both of these items required do not cost much to purchase, last a considerably long period of time. This means you not only get to protect your car, but you also get to save a large sum of money on water bills.

Once you are done taking care of your car’s precious body, you can move on to the tires. Most fanatics and enthusiasts use acid-based solutions to get rid of dirt buildup and brake oil residue on the tires however, this is not a mandatory prerequisite for the casual driver and a solution with a non-acidic pH value would suffice in most cases. The cleaning agents designed for this job have the powers to get rid of stains, and keep the tires lubricated where necessary. This will not only prolong the life of your rubbers but you also get a better grip on the road.

Last but not the least; the car wash should be performed at a time when the sun is not directly over your car. Regardless of whether you perform a traditional car wash or use car dry cleaning products, the liquid may cause temperatures to rise higher than they’re supposed to, damaging your paint in the long run.