Top 7 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

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There are certain questions that will help you decide whether a used car is worth buying or not. Following are top 7 questions to ask when buying a used car.

1. Has the vehicle been involved in any accident?

It is quite important to know whether the vehicle has been involved in a serious accident or not. If the vehicle has been slightly hit for a few times, then it may be quite normal to buy it, as driving such a vehicle may not pose any safety hazards. But if the vehicle has had serious frame damage, or it has been flooded or been involved in a major accident, then you had better not purchase it. Previously flooded or majorly damaged vehicles may cause car crashes and may result in serious injuries and damages.

2. What’s the VIN of the vehicle?

The second important question you should ask is about the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If you know the VIN, then you will be able to check the vehicle’s history at either CarFax or Autochek to see whether the car you are going to buy has had any accidents or has suffered any serious damages.

Of course, you can ask the dealer whether the vehicle has had any accidents or not, however it is wise to find it out yourself. With the VIN, it is quite easy to get the right information about the car you are interested in.

Sometimes, the dealer himself may offer you a vehicle history report. This is, of course, quite nice of them. However make sure that the VIN on the documents presented to you corresponds with the car’s real VIN.

3. Can I have my mechanic perform an inspection of the car?

After you have looked at the vehicle history report of the car you are intending to buy, it would be quite normal to perform a last inspection of it. Of course, you can do a visual inspection of the vehicle by your own but it would be wiser and safer to have an independent automobile mechanic examine the car. If the dealership is not happy with your suggestion, then there is something wrong with the vehicle. In such a case you may simply walk away from the dealership.

4. Has the vehicle undergone a pre-owned vehicle certification program?

If the vehicle has undergone such a program, then you can ask to see the paperwork indicating the work done with the vehicle. By looking at the certification documents you will be able to find out what specific malfunctions the vehicle has had and whether they have been fixed or not.

5. How long can I test drive the vehicle?

The test drive of the car is a necessity. Moreover, the longer you drive the car, the more you learn about it. So, you had better insist on as long a test drive as the dealership can afford.

6. What is your lowest price for the vehicle?

Some car shoppers think vehicle process can never be negotiated. However, smart shoppers know that they can insist on price discounts. Thus, do not be afraid of negotiating a used car price. If the price that the dealership offers seems too high, do not hesitate to leave the showroom.

7. Is my financing approved?

One of the most important questions to ask when buying a used car is whether your financing has been approved or not. If you are financing through the dealer, it is crucial to be 100% sure that the financing has been approved; otherwise you may become a victim of the so called yo-yo financing scam.

Hopefully, these 7 questions will help you when purchasing your vehicle. Be a smart shopper and ask the right questions. Good Luck!