Checklist of several Points to assist Your vehicle Pass Its MOT

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Unless their vehicle is less than three years old, every year, the motorist faces the misery of the MOT test. It can be costly when a car fails and needs to be re-tested. The goal of an MOT is to guarantee that the vehicle meets all applicable road environmental and safety regulations. Without it, it is impossible to obtain a number plate for driving on open streets. What, on the other hand, does the MOT examiner look for? Is it the tires on the automobile or the fuel emissions?  Pedders -point checklist emphasizes the essential components that are included in an MOT test to help you pass the first time:


A ‘roller brake analyzer’ is used to examine the car’s brakes’ condition, performance, and effectiveness. When used, brakes that ‘lock up’ will fail. Loose brake pedals and indicators of leaking brake fluid are also something to watch out for.

Mirrors and Doors

Inside and outside the car, make sure the door opens or closes properly. Car locks must function properly. Both the wing and rearview mirrors must be present and good working order. A wing mirror that is cracked will fail.

Emissions and the Exhaust System

Depending on the car’s age and fuel type, it will need to meet specific exhaust emission criteria. There must be no leaks or holes in the exhaust system, which are frequently caused by rust.

Car Tires and Wheels

An automobile tire must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. The automobile tire must be the right size and kind for the vehicle, with no severe wear or damage symptoms. So, To examine this, it is recommended that you see a car tire professional. Ensure that all wheel nuts are present; if any are missing, the job will fail. Spare tires are not subjected to any testing.

Seats and seatbelts are number eight on the list.

Seatbelts must be installed in both the front and back seats of a vehicle. They must be of the appropriate type and in good functioning order. Make sure that all of the seats are in the upright position.

Suspension, steering, and horn

All three must be in good working order and decent shape. Ensure that the wheels are correctly aligned and that the car tire pressures are correct, as these might impact the steering of the vehicle. Make sure the horn is compatible with the car.

Vehicle Identification Number and Registration Plate

The registration plate must be formatted correctly, readable, and in good working order. After August 1, 1980, every car must have its vehicle identification number conspicuously displayed.

The four most prevalent reasons for a car failing its MOT are its lights, brakes, suspension, and tires. This checklist is designed to help you increase your car’s chances of passing. Before taking the MOT test, Pedders recommend consulting your local garage if you have any doubts.