F11 Parts and What You Can Buy for Your 5 Series Wagon

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If you needed a F11 wagon instead of the sedan, perhaps its because you are lugging around the family or using it as a work vehicle. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do these activities in style. In Europe, a wagon is considered a sleek and sexy car, and many people modify wagons (called “estates”) just as we modify coupes in the US.

If you’re looking to make your F11 look, sound, or perform better, all is not lost.

F11 Performance Parts

Since the F10 and F11 are so new, there aren’t really any performance parts available yet. This will change very soon, though. You can reset assured that any engine modifications made for the F10 will fit your F11. Catback exhaust systems, too, may fit, though axelback systems probably will not. Your best bet is to get an air intake or software tune, since those will certainly work.

F11 Suspension Upgrades

Realistically, the F11 has a different weight and therefore requires different springs. Nonetheless, KW and other manufacturers often come out with a kit for wagons. Furthermore, you really CAN put a sedan set of springs (like H&R, etc) onto your wagon, it just will be a little lower than if you put it on a sedan. Not a big deal nor a safety hazard, rest assured. On to the next thing!

F11 Cosmetic Upgrades

This can be a little tougher. Some of the nice spoilers and roof spoilers definitely won’t fit your F11 Wagon. Front and rear bumpers, however, will. Even the sideskirts generally will fit. So you can take a front bumper upgrade from any of the companies like AC Schnitzer or Hamann and put it on your F11, no problem. Unfortunately there are no front lips or hood upgrades for the F10 yet, so your F11 will have to wait for those. Little upgrades can make a big difference, too. I recommend painting the roof black for a sleeker look, tinting the windows, and maybe getting a blackout grill (they haven’t been released but they surely will soon)

F11 Wheels

The F11 uses the same wheel sizes as the F10 5 series, so you’re all set for those. The offsets may be a little bit different but it should be no problem to find a wheel manufacturer with the right offsets! Easy!

So as you can see, it’s not too big of a deal that you had to get the F11. Plus, at least you have all that extra storage space to lug around parts on the way to getting them installed. Seems kind of ironic.