Some Historic Facts About Cars

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Nowadays almost all of us own at least one car or consider vehicle leasing when we go out of town for holidays or for other reasons. But things didn’t always stay like this, since automobiles have been invented quite recently in the history of human kind. However, in such a short time they went from being extremely slow, uncomfortable and very expensive to being affordable for most people. In what concerns speed, recent tests revealed that it is possible to reach fulminate speeds in just a few seconds. The safety and driving comfort issues also improved highly.

It all started in 1769 when the first steam engine automobile was created and used for human transportation. In what concerns the first internal combustion engine car that ran on fuel gas few people know that it was invented many years later. It was only in 1806 that the first people were able to use it for transportation.

Even though the first steam engine car was designed in the 18’th century, it seems that there were earlier attempts, but the vehicles weren’t able to carry anyone in them. In fact, a member of a Jesuit church in China was the first one who managed to design one for the Chinese Emperor at the time but only to be used as a toy.

The year 1888 was the one which brought with it the first mass production of cars in Germany. They looked quite different from what they are today, but the price was extremely high and only the richest people afforded to own one. Only in the beginning of the twentieth century the automobile industry got to know an explosion in production and the Western part of Europe was the region where the majority of cars were produced.

Together with the development of this industry, many other industries bloomed. For example the petroleum one knew a growth that continued until nowadays. Because people managed to travel by fast means of transportation, tourism also bloomed, people got to know better each other, to understand the other cultures and so on. The advantages were obvious ones. The automobile industry is still continuing to develop and the new goal nowadays is to find better and less polluting fuels together with increasing the horse power.