Some Welcomed Good News for London Drivers

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If you’re a Londoner driving and owning a car in central London has just got much harder, not only is VAT going up by 2.5% to 20% but, the Central London Congestion charge has also gone up by £2 to £10 a day.

Car manufacturers Like SEAT have come to the rescue of bewildered London motorists; the SEAT Ibiza and SEAT Leon E Ecomotive models are now exempt from the central London charge. Both of these SEAT models fall under the new exemption criteria set out by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

In accordance to the new exemption rules any car that produces less that 100g/km of CO2 and meets the Euro 5 standard for air quality is eligible for the Green Vehicle Discount (GVD). Under the GVD green vehicles will be rewarded with a 100% discount on the congestion charge.

The new green SEAT Ibiza E Ecomotive model is the greenest car in SEAT’s line-up; it produces just 92g/km of CO2 and can achieve 80.7 mpg on a combined cycle. SEAT claim the Ibiza can do 800 miles on £60 worth of diesel; these figures are possible in both the 3 door SC model and the practical Estate ST model.

The Leon is SEAT’s family sized five door hatchback, so the fact that it only produces 99g/km of CO2 and can achieve 74.3 mpg is very impressive indeed. The SEAT Leon can achieve these figures because it has optimised technology such as a common rail diesel engine, start-stop system and Brake Energy Recovery System. The Leon also comes with low friction tyres and aerodynamic enhancements.