The Most Luxurious Car

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When buying a luxury vehicle, practicality is obviously not the main consideration. Sure, the features and durability of the car are also important but what really motivates the buyers is how they see themselves actually driving the car of their dreams. There is a feeling that the car which they want to own is somehow matched with their personality.

To date, the most luxurious car is the 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe which was sold for a whopping $8,700,000.00 in 1987. Although some argue that it should not be considered the most expensive vehicle because of its unavailability in the market today, it cannot be disputed that it was the priciest car to that have been built. There are still other cars that cost quite a lot but were not included in the official list due to their unavailability at the present time.

The Bugatti Veyron priced at $1,700,000.00 is the most expensive car to make the official list. While it claims to be the speediest car with 253 mph, SSC Ultimate Aero wins the title. It exceeds 253 mph, making the Bugatti Veyron the runner up. The Lamborghini Reventon is considered the 2nd most expensive car. It costs $1,600.00 and is the most expensive version that Lamborghini has ever built. There were only 20 units in the market, making it really rare. Other cars that made it to the top 10 list of the most luxurious cars include: the McLaren F1 priced at $970,000.00; the Ferrari Enzo which costs $670,000.00; the Pagani Zonda Z12 F at $667,321.00; the SSC Ultimate Aero at $654,400.00; the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo priced at $555,000.00; the Koenigsegg CCX which costs $545,568.00; the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Roadster at $495,000.00; and the Porsche Carrera GT at $440,000.00.

If there is a common denominator among the priciest cars is the excellent speed that they provide. How fast a car goes is quite important to its rider. The sleekness, rarity, and appearance are also factors in deciding which vehicle to purchase.

It is uncommon, even for the wealthiest personalities, nowadays to purchase a luxurious car that could very well be more expensive than the average house. Only people who are high profiled and those who are really passionate about owning a grand vehicle are the ones who are more inclined to make a costly purchase.

Aside from the beauty and value of the car, those who opt to spend a fortune on a luxury vehicle are also quite conscious of their reputation. They feel that people somehow expect them to have the most expensive stuff. Aside from having an expensive abode, owning a magnificent vehicle is undeniably a validation of how well off a person is. It is an indication that whoever owns a luxury car belongs to the wealthiest group and someone who has an important role to play in the society.

The love for valuable cars is common among everyone. It surpasses gender, age, nationality, and status in life. In fact, it safe to say that owning a luxurious car is one of the greatest dreams any human being can ever have.