Electric Car Conversion – How to Do It

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Electric car conversion is becoming more popular. More people are starting to do it, because it is easier to do than you think; I will explain what you should do.

Before starting, you need to know the benefits of converting your car. The biggest benefit is that you save money, because you do not depend on gas any more. But did you know that you save even more money because there are less car parts that need maintenance.

Another benefit is that you are driving an eco-friendly car. Keeping the environment pollution free is always good benefit.

Electric car conversion, here is what you need to do:

First thing you need to get is a car kit. Custom car kits are available for specific vehicles and there are also universal kits, which can be installed in various vehicles, that have the same built and weight.

Clean your car first, then you will have to carefully remove the engine from the car and install electric motor in its place. There are two motors available that you can use, the AC or DC motor. Self converted cars often have a DC controller and a DC motor.

DC (direct current) motors are easier to install and are more affordable.

One of the last steps you need to take are to install batteries that will supply the power; you can put these in your trunk, some people put them under the hood. After this step you should attach the adapter plate.

That is a quick overview of the steps you need to take and it can be done in one day.

Converting your car will give save you money and keep the environment pollution free. If I, a non-technical guy, was able to convert my car, you should be able to do it also.