Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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A tire pressure monitoring system (“TPMS”), can keep you safer and save you a ton of money. This hi-tech and affordable device can give you peace of mind when driving, and is very convenient. There are many benefits to using this type of tire pressure monitor, which are detailed below.

Small Sensors replace the valve stem caps and constantly monitor the tire pressures which can be checked even as you are driving down the road. Pressures can be checked anytime by simply pressing a button on the dashboard Velcro-mounted Monitor. An automatic visual and beeping alert is sounded when the tires reach a 12 ½% deflation, and again at a 25% drop in pressure (there is also a variable upper alert). Knowing that your tires are constantly being monitored by your TPMS can make driving a much more pleasant experience with added peace of mind.

Over 80,000 accidents and injuries happen every year because of tires that are under-inflated. Cars with properly inflated tires drive better; they are more stable, brake better and handle better, especially on turns. When air pressure is low, skidding around turns and hydroplaning is much more likely, especially in the rain. All of these problems can be easily avoided by installing a tire pressure monitoring system.

The TPMS can also save you money. Properly inflated tires last much longer than low-pressure tires. It can also save the tire casing, which protects the tire from wear-and-tear and from annoying and costly blowouts. Also, if your tires are inflated to the right level, you can save a ton of money on gas; the Department of Transportation has estimated that 4 million gallons of gas per day are wasted because of improperly inflated tires.

Finally installing and maintaining your tire pressure monitoring system is simple. Installation takes only minutes, and can be installed by the owner/user.

The most reliable, original and longest in the marketplace TPMS is the PressurePro ™ wireless tire pressure monitoring system. It has been proven to be the most accurate and reliable TPMS money can buy, and it is also quite affordable. Unlike other similar systems, PressurePro™ can be completely installed and maintain by you, the consumer. Nothing could be easier or more convenient than PressurePro™. Get PressurePro™ for driving peace-of-mind today… you will not be disappointed!