Horizon Bars – Fully Adjustable Motorcycle Handle Bars From HeliBars

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Want to ride your cruiser or sport touring motorcycle for six, eight or even 10 hours in a day without your back killing you? You better make your motorcycle fit you. Long distance motorcycle riders know that to be able to enjoy riding for hours at a time the motorcycle seating and handle bar positions must be perfect. Although there are lots of different handle bar shapes and risers available, only one handle bar system, the Horizon Bars from Heli Modified, allows you to independently adjust reach, height and wrist angle.

HeliBars are made in Maine and come in different sizes and shapes for Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and BMW motorcycles. Most models raise the sport bike’s handle bars by about 2″ and push them back towards the rider 1″ – 2″ allowing the rider to sit more upright and transfer weight off the wrists. Now Heli Modified has an adjustable solution for cruisers and sport touring motorcycle models called the Horizon Bar. They come in 7″ to 11″ chrome or black models. Most motorcycle handle bars are only adjustable one direction (rotating forward / backward at the top of the forks) and rotating them towards the rider for a shorter reach also causes the hand grips to go down and wrist angle to no longer align straight with the forearm. The Horizon Bars motorcycle handle bar system has two extra hinge points allowing the height of the bar to be adjusted separate from the reach as well as a wrist angle adjustment.

Safety & Features

The Horizon Bars motorcycle system has been designed for use on Harley Davidson and some other cruiser models. They have safety features built into the design to prevent loss of control in the case that one of the hinge points becomes loose. Also, provisions are made for models with internal wiring or cabling. Bar riser HeliBars have been available for the Honda ST1300, Yamaha FJR and Kawasaki Concours which raise the bars and lower the reach. Now Heli offers bike specific adjustable Horizon Bars for these sport touring motorcycles so that riders can make the motorcycle fit them and enjoy riding even longer days.


Installing the Horizon Bars motorcycle handle bar system is simple but does take some time. In some instances the brake or clutch lines will have to be extended or replaced. They are 1″ diameter bars so normal clamps and motorcycle hand grips will fit properly.

Don’t take another ride with your back or wrists stretched. Instead, stretch your horizon by installing a set of Horizon Bars on your bike.