Motorcycle Dealers

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Love them or hate them we need them.

A motorcycle dealer is a person chosen by the motorcycle manufacturer to sell their motorcycles. He is thus a company authorised person to sell motorcycles on their behalf.

The most common requirement to become a motorcycle dealer are availability of substantial capital to invest, experience in dealing with motorcycles, availability of a commercial space, and also the readiness to provide excellent after sales support to the customers.

The priorities of a retail motorcycle dealer are generally the same as for any other retailer.

The company pays the dealer a fixed percentage on every sale made, and that is the basic way in which a motorcycle dealer, or any dealer for that matter, makes money. Although low in percentage terms, the dealers margin is quite high when the actual selling price of a motorcycle is taken into account.

Depending on the company, the company may also invest in the set up, or may agree upon either a revenue sharing, or a fixed plus revenue sharing arrangement with a motorcycle dealer. However, the company will certainly provide motorcycle dealers with all training assistance. While there is no doubt that there are great opportunities to become a motorcycle dealer, it is a profession that requires tremendous hard work, dedication an discipline on the part of the motorcycle dealer.

It is only when the motorcycle dealer performs his sales and after sales functions effectively that the motorcycle gets sold.

Motorcycle dealers offer a comprehensive range of new and used motorcycles,parts,service and accessories.

Dealerships need to get a grip on the fact that a lot of women are buying motorcycles.

My local Kawa dealer is a tiny place, but the people there have been really helpful when I’ve needed to order parts. We visited a lot of dealers when we were looking for bikes, but I’ve found that our smaller, local shops are the best.