Tips to Take Home a Motorcycle

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Of course people like to dream and when it comes to dreaming, many youngsters dream to own motorbikes which can run as fast as they can on the roads.

In fact it is a thrilling experience to drive the motorbike in hilly regions, terrains, small lanes, deserts, seashore and valleys.

The young son aged ten years starts imagining about riding a motorcycle while he sees his dad proceeding towards his office riding on a motorcycle.

He never misses a single opportunity to go along with his dad by sitting on the motorcycle and he starts dreaming a lot in his heart about driving the vehicle in deserts, roads and streets.

When it comes to buying one motorcycle, the buyer has to follow certain basic principles. He should finalize his purchase decision depending upon the various factors namely; the affordability; features available in the vehicle; the mileage potential and availability of spare parts in the case of old and second hand vehicles etc.

At the first phase, the intending buyer should visit more than three to four showrooms and he should never hesitate in spending some time with the receptionists in ascertaining the details of different vehicles on sale. The counter clerks are happy to provide the required details in respect of each vehicle. The intending buyer should note the salient points in a small booklet.

During the second phase, he should meet one reliable service mechanic and during such meeting, he can get much information about the quality of the vehicles which he intends to buy.

Apart from the detailed discussion with the service mechanic, he can have discussions with one or two friends who have in depth knowledge about various motorcycles which are available as at present. Of course the youngsters who are crazy behind motorcycles are eager to provide much information about different models of motorcycles as well as the manufacturers to any intending buyer.

Once the affordability has been determined depending upon the availability of own funds and funds that can be generated from friends or through a loan that can be availed from the bankers and financial institutions he can proceed towards purchasing the vehicle.

Having decided to purchase one specific model, now it is his turn to make a visit to the showroom and at this stage, it is better for him go to the showroom along with some of his friends.

The vehicle should be inspected thoroughly and the buyer should not have any reservations in clarifying his doubts, if any, with the dealer. During the course of an inspection of the vehicle, his friends may be in a position to point out to him the missing features which he might have forgotten to notice.

Before making payment, he should ensure about the details about important parts that have been fitted in the vehicle and in case of need, he can suggest for replacement of the parts with parts manufactured by reputed manufacturers.

Many times, the dealers offer exaggerated opinions about the vehicle and it is quite normal on their part because it is one among several promotional strategies.

However, it is the responsibility of the individual in making the final decision towards purchasing the vehicle and once the vehicle is sold, the dealer is not having any hold over the vehicle and the buyer is left with a limited warranty.

A vehicle should be kept at least for a period of six months and an individual is able to learn the intricacies of any vehicle only after a month or two.