Have You Always Wanted Your Own Campervan?

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The idea of owning a campervan appeals to many people. The freedom to travel anywhere in the knowledge that you are self sufficient and can eat, sleep and live comfortably where ever you stop, is irreplaceable.

This freedom however does not come cheap, even small Camper vans to buy cost between 30 and 40 thousand pounds. However there is another way to owning your very own campervan, convert a panel van or minibus to make your own campervan.

If you have good DIY skills and you are capable of completing a reasonable sized project, then you could convert your own camper van in about 6 months (About 300 hours work in total).

The benefits of converting a van yourself are excellent. You end up with a well kitted out van using all the same appliances used in £40k plus vans for £3k to £5k (not including the vehicle cost). So you can buy a three year old van or minibus for between £8k and £11k, complete the conversion over a Winter and end up with a camper van in the Spring, having cost around £15k.

One one the many other benefits of creating your own campervan, is that it can be tailored exactly to your own style, requirements and specification.

Having said all that it does take some hard work and a commitment in time and money to get a campervan conversion project completed.

Over the next few months I’ll be writing a series of articles discussing the main factors involved in converting a campervan, and showing you how it can be completed.

If you would like to see my conversion please visit: http://www.camper-van-conversion.co.uk