Travel Trailer Awnings

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The addition of an awning can make your travel trailer more comfortable and a lot more fun.

Instead of sitting in a hot old trailer you can be sitting out in the shade, outside your trailer enjoying the great outdoors. You bought a trailer so you could enjoy the outdoors so why are you sitting in the trailer. Why aren’t you outside barbecuing or just sitting in the shade?

There are dozens of awnings that can easily be added to your travel trailer before you set out for the summer. The best thing about these is that they are retractable that is they fold out from the side of the trailer. You don’t need to set up any poles or stand all you need to do is push a button or turn a crank and you have shade. This also means that you can quickly pack up when you want to leave.

Most of them are made of cloth but the cloth is strong and durable and should be able to survive in the elements. If you’re using a retractable one you should be able to fold it up quickly if the weather gets very bad.

Some even come with electric powered engines that roll them up or retract at the press of a button. One disadvantage is that they require an electrical power source. A good alternative is manually powered retractable awnings. These fold up with a simple crank that anybody can use and they fold up almost as quickly as the electric powered ones.

The way to shop for an awning for your trailer is to go online. There are dozens of manufacturers and most of them sell online. These awnings are generally available at a really good price.

When you shop for an awning tell the manufacture what make and model of trailer you have. Not all awnings fit every trailer; some don’t fit rounded trailers.

Some trailers, especially older models may require you to get a custom one made. Fortunately custom ones are fairly cheap and easy to order online. There are many companies such as Rollup Awnings that manufacture custom sizes.

Once you’ve ordered you can install it yourself or have it professionally installed. Most people should be able to install simple mechanical awnings on their own. On the other hand you probably should have a professional hook up an electrically powered retractable awning because it will have to be hooked into your trailer’s electrical system.

An awning is a great way to get more fun and enjoyment out of your trailer. Buying an awning for your trailer has never been easier and prices on trailer awnings are better than ever.