What Has Changed in the RV Industry?

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There was a time in the RV business when travel trailers were made with 1×2 wood studs and covered in tin with a little bit of paint slapped on the outside. They were heavy, ugly and were not much more than a metal sided camper. How things have changed!

New technologies have brought RVs to an entirely new level of quality and comfort unheard of before. Aluminum framing, laminated fiberglass side walls and one piece roofs have made RV much lighter and more durable than they have even been. Advances in sealers and construction techniques have virtually eliminated the typical problems camper trailers have had with leaking and inefficient use of space.

Lighter weight construction coupled with advancements in suspension systems and hitches make towing so much easier than ever before. RV enthusiasts have so much more control over their trailers when towing than they have ever had. This makes for a much safer and more enjoyable trip with the family.

There was a time when RV manufacturers used the lightest and cheapest furniture and interior appointments they could get. The result was even expensive trailers looked cheap. Couches were extremely uncomfortable to sit on much less sleep on and dinettes tables were so bad no one wanted to even eat there. Mattresses were so thin you could almost read the paper through one and you felt every spring in the middle of your back all night. After using one during a vacation you could not wait to get back home.

Now manufacturers have begun using quality furniture and appliances. Many have gourmet kitchens, pillow top mattresses and air beds sleeper sofas. You can even get a recliner to sit in while you watch you 50in LCD TV in the comfort of ducted air conditioning. RVs have definitely changed a lot.

The biggest change however, has come with the advent of the Internet. Gone are the days of trudging to one RV lot after another, listening to one sales pitch after another just to see different floor plans and prices. You can now do it all in your underwear sitting at your computer. You can compare prices, see floor plans and options and then go buy the one that trips your trigger.

For proof of this, all you have to do is look in the mirror. You are reading this article about RVs on your computer rather than going to your local RV Dealer and looking at RVs for yourself. A-HA! I do know what I am talking about after all. No matter how you shop for the RV you want, just remember they are not your grandparents camper trailer any more. Get an RV and see our great country the way it was meant to be seen. Go RVing today. You will be glad you did.