Wind Deflectors – Eases the Strain on Your Vehicle’s Engine

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Wind deflectors come in three basic model types; Side window deflectors, Sunroof deflectors and Deflectors for use when towing.

Side window deflectors:

As drivers, we have all noticed how quickly wind conditions can change especially on exposed highways. One minute it’s a nice gentle breeze the next it’s blowing a gale and you’re struggling to keep your vehicle in its correct lane. Deflectors will not only help by deflecting wind currents but also keep excessive rain from blurring your vision through the side windows by glancing it past them. They can make driving in tricky conditions a lot safer by making your vehicle more aerodynamic and less prone to wind interference. They also shield your side windows from being overrun with to much rain and blocking your vision giving you the added security of being able to see other vehicles around you. These wind deflectors fit snuggly into the window channels of your vehicle with no need for tape or screws to be used. Side window deflectors are a great idea for summer or winter driving.

Sunroof Deflectors:

Sunroof deflectors can make driving with the roof open an even more enjoyable experience. They come in a wide range of styles and designs and are easily fitted to cars, SUV’s and even pick-ups. Choose from the traditional smoked finish or a stylish chrome finish. Keep flying debris out of your vehicle and still enjoy the fresh air. Get yourself a sunroof deflector.

Towing Deflectors:

When towing a trailer, it can be very harsh on your vehicle. Take travel trailers for example; they are available in various sizes and differing lengths, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are built for the typically sized human being to be able to stand upright inside them. Well, it stands to reason you wouldn’t buy a travel trailer you couldn’t stand up in. Because of this fact, it stands to reason that a travel trailer will always be higher than the vehicle that’s towing it.

Once you’ve hit the open road that’s when you will know what its like to pull a trailer. The wind that hits your vehicle will naturally flow up and over it because it was aerodynamically designed that way, that’s when it hits the wall that is the top half of your trailer. Pulling a trailer at the speed allowed on highways is like trying to pull a wall face on into the wind. This will cause your fuel consumption to rise dramatically and cost you a lot of money. It not only costs you in added fuel but also in the wear and tear it puts on your family car. The engines in your average car were not designed to be hauling loads like a travel trailer.

There is an easy solution to this problem. A wind deflector designed specifically for towing purposes. These easy to fit deflectors work by angling the deflector so that the wind not only flows over your car but the deflector takes it up and over the trailer as well. This in turn reduces the fuel consumption and eases the strain on your vehicle’s engine and they can be easily removed once you’ve reached your destination.