SUV Fuel Saving Tips – Convert Your Sport Utility Vehicle to Run on Water

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What is the best Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) fuel saving solution? One option is to leave your SUV at home and catch a bus. Most people bought an SUV for its stylish design, spacious interior and its large engine power capacity. Not driving the SUV on the road will defeat the purpose of buying the vehicle. SUVs are known for its low mileage and high fuel consumption. With the rising gasoline prices at the local station, SUV owners are faced with a challenge of running their vehicle and maintaining a monthly budget. Are there any practical ways to reduce SUV fuel consumption? One solution is to convert the vehicle to run on water fuel. How does the technology work? This are article will share some information on the science of using water as fuel for Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV).

Most SUV uses an internal combustion engine power plant. The same engine design can burn both gasoline and hydrogen gas (H2). The idea of converting a SUV to run on water is to extract H2 from water and ignite it in the engine to generate force. Hydrogen gas from water can be generated through an electrolysis process. This is possible because water is made from 2 molecules of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. To reduce the fuel consumption on a SUV, the H2 generated is to be released into the engine air intake system through gas hoses. When an engine is using both gasoline and H2, SUV owners will see an improvement in fuel mileage.

How much would it cost to convert a SUV to run on water? Most people are scared of the idea of spending thousand of dollar to do the conversion. You will be surprised that the whole modification process can be done with a budget of around $150. This is because most of the parts needed are common components that you can buy from a hardware store. It is a “Do It Yourself” project. What you will need is a step by step conversion guide that you buy from the web.