Create Digger Truck Versatility With A Man Basket!

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Earth is an ever-changing planet. It has an essential impact on the environment and various man-made technologies, including the changes in the practical applications of digger trucks in the electric and telecommunication industries. It affects the way people function from day-to-day because electricity and telecommunications are considered a necessity like food and shelter.

Digger trucks are hydraulically operated machines used to drill holes and to lift and set poles in place; however, over time they have become more customized and able to use a quick-attach basket to increase field functionality and versatility. As a result, the scope of practical field application has significantly expanded.

Detachable Basket

In early 2010, many field personnel and operators who had asked for a removable basket that could be attached to a digger truck and used to lift workers performing power line maintenance were thrilled as this long-time request was granted. A quick-attach basket made of heavy-duty steel was designed to mount on the digger derrick, along with other knuckle boom configurations. This tool has universal mounting adapters to allow for easy and rapid installation to meet different demanding applications. It offers functionality and productivity as it decreases the need for other such equipment at the work site to accomplish various tasks.


There are three different models of detachable basket: the famous yoke-style model; the convenient rotating version; and the single-person version.

  • Yoke-Style – This design allows for a bigger workspace for both workers and tools. It can carry up to 1200 pounds and has 21 square-foot floors providing optimal productivity and an inward-swinging gate.
  • Rotating – This type has a 42 by 72 inch floor area and a lifting capacity of 1200 pounds. It rotates a full 360-degrees which is how it got its name. The basket has rotators and a caliper brake handle with a gate that opens inwardly for easy access, safety and security. The floor has upset holes that allow water to drain freely to prevent skidding or accidental slipping.
  • Single Person – This model has a 350-lb. lift capacity, a tilt angle indicator, and plated brake discs.

All three versions are welded and fabricated from rugged steel and are a laser-produced product in order to meet industry standards.


This tool’s introduction ultimately eradicated the need for conventional ladders and other types of heavy-duty equipment when servicing power lines with digger trucks. It also has added features such as fall-arrest and fall protection equipment. In addition, the weight lifting capacity of each version has passed the requirements of OSHA 29CFR part 1926 and the detachable basket meets the revised ANSI A10.30 standard regarding specifications and dimensions as well as recommended digger derrick use.

Because electrical and telecommunication service field crews needed a single-unit device that could perform multiple tasks, the quick-attach basket technology was developed. This new tool has three versions that vary depending on the application and feature universal mounting adapters to allow for easy and rapid mounting on knuckle boom configurations, including the digger derrick. Additional safety, functionality and versatility are also provided with this truck. By utilizing such new technology, the full potential of these vehicles can be achieved while obtaining maximum productivity! Versatility has indeed been created for digger derrick trucks with a man basket!