Jeep Tops 101

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Irritated by the blazing heat of the sun every time you drive around town? Soaked wet by the heavy rain drops while driving for an errand? There’s a simple solution to your problem… get a jeep top! It makes the ride more fun and comfortable and at the same time shields you from the heavy rains and the scorching heat of the sun.

Now the question is… would you rather go for a hard top or a soft top? Hard tops are made of durable and heavy materials and they can usually withstand the different weather conditions. Moreover, hard tops have special features which come in very handy during your journey. These features include defrosters, which makes it possible to have a clear rear view especially when it’s foggy, and dome light, which is important especially at night. On the other hand, soft tops are made of soft and light materials and are worn out easily since its materials are less durable. Soft tops seldom have special features since it is difficult to attach wiring to it. The decision whether to get a hard top or a soft top solely relies on you and your preference.

Even if it is considered jeep accessories, there are still other things you can add to your jeep to further accessorize it. Some of these accessories are: deck covers which can protect your cargo and at the same time improve the aerodynamics of your jeep; windscreens which can be easily attached to allow enough airflow to your jeep and at the same time protect it from harsh natural elements which may harm it; windows which you can easily change depending on your preference; sound bars which allow you to listen to music while driving (but make sure to also get a well-fit cap to protect your gadget); and trail covers which can protect your jeep from getting wet during bad weather conditions.

There are a lot of jeep tops and jeep top accessories available in the market today that differs in color, design, brand and material. It is up to you to choose them which you think would perfectly fit your needs, and your budget. Plus! If for some reason you would want to experience fresh air or would want to get more adventurous, there are tops that you can easily uninstall. So for you comfort you really need it wherever you go to protect from the heat and rain.