Tips to Properly Maintain Used Heavy Trucks and Increase Longevity

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The majority of small companies and individuals working in the heavy industry own used heavy trucks simply because brand new ones can easily set them back over a hundred thousand dollars. Did you know there are brand new heavy trucks that cost as much as a super car?! If you take that into account, it makes sense to take good care of your used heavy trucks. Otherwise it could mean thousands of dollars wasted on something that does not last as long as it could have. Follow these quick tips to extend the life of your used heavy trucks.

Tire Pressure and Alignment

Although it may not seem necessary to regularly check the tire pressure and alignment, it can greatly affect driving performance as well as put strain on the engine and brakes.

It’s also recommended that you check the overall condition of the tires while you’re doing the inspection. If the alignment is off, it will wear out the tire tread in some places more than others, and you might need to have some of them replaced. Be sure to check the side wall of each tire to ensure there are no tears or extreme wear since this can create a hazardous situation when driving.

Oil and Oil Filter

Everyone knows how important oil is for a vehicle, especially a hard working heavy truck, which is why regular oil changes are essential for properly maintaining used heavy trucks. In general, it is recommended to follow manufacturer’s suggestions but many people choose to change the oil every 5000 to 7000 kilometers. Also, make sure the filter is free of any flaws to ensure proper working order.


One of the most integral systems for this vehicle class is the braking system. Used heavy trucks can be very hard on the brakes considering their weighty cargo and when they’re neglected they can pose a serious danger both on and off the work site.

Check the brake balances to guarantee the brakes are even on each wheel, otherwise it may cause the driver to lose control during hard braking. Also make sure to check brake pads and the pressure for maximum performance. Some of the most popular brake testers for heavy trucks are: draw bar-type testers, roller dynamo meters, breakaway torque brake testers, and flat plate brake testers.

Shock Absorbers

Having good shocks for your used heavy trucks can mean the difference between a controlled drive and one that leaves the driver in a panic. The shock absorbers affect handling and just about everything else that has a close relationship with the axle, so don’t let them slide.

Make sure the shock absorption is operating in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and check them regularly to see if they are in need of replacing. Proper shock absorbers can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand, but take care of them and they’ll take care of you.


The transmission is a very important part of any vehicle, and regular checks are highly recommended for optimal performance. Make sure oil levels are always adequate, change the fluid regularly, and take the time to check the overall condition to make sure it is free of cracks and wear.

By being diligent about the mechanical care of your used heavy trucks, they’ll last for an extended period of time, and you won’t have to worry about spending thousands on a new model or a bunch of unexpected replacement parts.