Driving Your Van the Eco Friendly Way!

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Making sure that you are doing all you can for the environment may not always be at the top of your agenda, but many drivers, with some simple guidance, can not only help lower their carbon footprint but also save on their fuel costs. Interested to see how? Read on…

One factor that can help you save money and cut your own CO2 emissions at the same time is taking a read through the new rules and regulations that lower your car tax depending on engine types and emission rate. It is thought that a saving of almost 17% is possible on fuel costs should you buy the most economic version of your van.

A basic fact is that the less fuel you use, the less effect on the environment you will do. Another fact is that the less fuel you use, the less money you will have to pay. With that in mind it really pays to be eco friendly these days, even in a commercial vehicle that relies upon usage on a daily level. Here are some basic tips that could improve your carbon footprint.

Before you even leave to head to your destination make sure you know exactly where you are going and plan your journey taking into account any traffic congestion that may occur. This could be anything from the rush hour times or even continued roadworks in locally known areas.

Tyre pressure can play a large part in slowing your vehicle down and can not only put your vehicle in danger but also increases the friction between the road and the tyre which in turn means you are spending more money on fuel.

Making sure that you have all unnecessary items removed from your vehicle can have an impact on just how much fuel you are using. Items such as materials that are not needed until the near future or even roof racks or other large objects can easily be stored until they are needed; fuel economy can be greatly improved using this very simple yet effective method.

Most modern vans are now equipped with air conditioning, even though these systems have great uses and can improve working conditions they are not always essential on a day to day basis. Ensuring that you make use of your windows more often instead of air conditioning units can improve fuel economy which once again will improve your emission rates and fuel costs.

As you can see these are just some tips to help you drive much more economically and just simply follow one of them to help you become more CO2 friendly.