Nissan NV Van For a Work Vehicle Considered

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Having a cool and notable work vehicle will help the small business entrepreneur get more business. And having a cool van with nice lines and something unique makes a lot of sense on the small business branding and marketing front. Now then, over the years I’ve been asked what type of work vehicle makes the most sense. Having been in the mobile commercial auto and cleaning business sectors as an operator and later as a franchisor, I’ve put a lot of hours of thought into all this.

Right now, it appears the coolest looking work vans are the Ford Transit Mini-Van and the Nissan NV Full Size Van. Both have excellent lines for decent signage and lettering, and they both are fairly good looking too. Although I am retired and not franchising mobile service vehicles any longer, I think either of these would be great for mobile detailing, commercial cleaning, and mobile oil changing, as well delivery vehicles, contractors, plumbers, electricians, heating and air, or any other type of company.

The Nissan NV has a laptop hook up plug and many other business friendly options, basically it’s already all set up the way you’d want it to be. The Ford Transit is as well, but it is a small vehicle and doesn’t quite hold the weight if you are into anything heavy. For pizza or florist delivery definitely, but if you are towing or carrying a load, the Nissan NV makes a little more sense. Now some in the US may cringe at me promoting a full-size van which is not made by a US Company, but be advised this vehicle is made in the USA, in Mississippi.

The Nissan NV can be found in a 1500, 2500, or 3500 just like in the Chevrolet, GMC, or Ford Econoline Van Series. And if you are looking for economy, the Nissan NV has a 4.0 Liter V-6 motor, or if you are looking for power it has a 5.4 Liter V-8 engine. It looks both tough and elegant at the same time, which is perfect for a business man or woman who need to make a statement on behalf of their company. The Nissan NV was recently debuted at the National Truck and Equipment Association (NTEA) Show 2001.

Nissan is really going after this market, and it appears they will sell well in the USA. In Mexico they have 75% of the market share for the commercial sector, in the US about 20% and they are looking to expand that, meaning they are making deals, and they want your business it seems. They are also talking about an all-electric version sometime in the future. Indeed, I hope you will choose wisely when buying a company van. Please consider all this.